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Hippadrift, Hippo Fakemon
Hippadrift (Hippo + (lily) pad + (a)drift)
Type: :iconwatertypeplz::icongrasstypeplz:
Species: Hippo
Ability: Oblivious, Hydration, Sap Sipper (HA)
HP 108
Att 88
Def 82
SpA 70
SpD 102
Spe 50
BST 500

Floatamus --> At level 34 --> Hippadrift

Dex entry:
This pokemon gets its oxygen through photosynthesis from the water plants growing from its mouth drifting on the surface, like a snorkel. It's usually floating in swamps or other calm waters. The water plants serve as food source as well as camouflage.

This is how it looks underwater! 
Floatamus, Hippo Fakemon
Floatamus (Float + Hippopotamus)
Type: :iconwatertypeplz::icongrasstypeplz:
Species: Hippo
Ability: Oblivious, Hydration, Sap Sipper (HA)
HP 67
Att 56
Def 46
SpA 56
SpD 67
Spe 38
BST 330

Floatamus --> At level 34 --> Hippadrift

Dex entry:
It is usually found in swamps, where it feeds on water plants. However, as it is very lazy, when no plants are near, it likes to eat the leafs growing on its tail. Its leaf-like nostrils take up air in their pores but block out water when it's diving.
Final Popplio Evolution: Mousculio
Popplio's Final evolution! Based on clowns, strongmen and a dash of ringmaster. Its arms have grown stronger and its flippers bigger to pack quite a punch. The Prankster ability fits the clown concept by name, although I don't see this pokemon playing a support role. Guts fits the strongman theme, and makes for a good offensive ability.

Mousculio (Moustache + Muscular  + Sea Lion/Kai Liona+ (it sounds Russian))
Ability: Torrent, Guts (HA)
Mousculio evolves from Bubbounce
HP 93
Att 108
Def 72
SpA 82
SpD 100
Spe 78
BST: 530

Notable moves: Acrobatics, Bounce, Drain Punch, Waterfall, Scald, Surf, Bulk Up, Hammer Arm, Power-Up Punch, Superpower, Wake-Up Slap, Ice Punch, Belly Drum

Final Rowlet Evolution: Puerrowl
Final Litten Evolution: Ignigris
Final Litten Evolution: Ignigris
Litten's Final evolution! The fire on its whiskers has developed into a fire ring around its head. The tips of its red fur excrete the flammable oil Litten is known for. The most flammable red tips of fur are found on its whiskers and around its ears, causing the flames to form a ring. It's obviously based on circus tigers, jumping through rings of fire. Also I'm not sure if I should add the dark typing.. The name suggests it and so does the black fur, but that's already present when it's a Litten. I'll keep it just Fire for now.

Ignigris (Ignite + Tigris (Tiger) + (Nigris (Black)))
Ability: Blaze, Limber (HA)
Ignigris evolves from Whiskorch
HP 76
Att 118
Def 76
SpA 70
SpD 84
Spe 106
BST: 530

Final Rowlet Evolution: Puerrowl
Final Popplio Evolution: Mousculio
Final Rowlet Evolution: Puerrowl
Rowlet's final evolution! I came to trust the rumors for the starter typings  (rowlet becoming ground type) as all the 'evidence' is pretty convincing and, although we have Torterra, another grass/ground starter would be pretty cool. I also thought giving Rowlet two types would take away the element of surprise as to what typing it might become, but if it's gonna be ground, this element is still present. Combine this with the existence of a burrowing owl species and the small resemblance of it to Rowlet, I'm pretty convinced that we're going to get a grass/ground starter.

For my design I was inspired by the Puelo and the burrowing owl, also, to stay at least a tiny bit in the circus theme (you'll need some imagination for this), it could be seen as a magician. The longest feather on each of its wings resembles a wand as seen with magicians. It is also capable of creating big dust and sand clouds, as its wings, tail and its sprinting helps it kick up dust. It may use this dust to disappear into the ground, as it has strong talons as well as a sharp beak for digging, making it all look like a vanishing act.

Puerrowl (Pueo + Burrow + Owl)
Ability: Overgrow, Sand Rush (HA)
Puerrowl evolves from Fowliage 
HP 75
Att 81
Def 85
SpA 81
SpD 96
Spe 112
BST 530

Notable moves: Fly, Air Slash, Roost, Drill Peck, Dig, Earth Power, Drill Run, Rototiller, Bulldoze, Leaf Tornado, Leaf Storm, Ingrain, Petal Blizzard, Sandstorm, Stealth Rock

Final Litten Evolution: Ignigris
Final Popplio Evolution: Mousculio
Rowlet Evolution: Fowliage by FakeMakeTLitten Evolution: Whiskorch by FakeMakeTPopplio Evolution: Bubbounce by FakeMakeT

Hey everyone!, I wanted to put my Alola starter evolutions together, but instead of making a seperate deviation, I thought I'd list them here for you! Do you think they could be close to the real ones? I personally don't want to find out until I'm playing the game and leveling my Rowlet until it evolves into a complete surprise!! Honestly I don't think that has ever happened before, I always knew the pokemon before I got the game.. I hope I can control my curiosity this time =P (Razz) 

The final evolutions are coming soon, so be sure to check back!


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